Am I the Only One Who Doesn’t Care for the Ryder Cup?

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By @IanWaterhouse

As I type this, we are in the midst of the 2018 Ryder Cup from Le Golf National in a suburb of Paris.

As a huge fan of golf and someone who has covered the sport for a number of years, the Ryder Cup should be a time of pure nirvana, one in which I am glued to the telly whilst tapping away at my laptop desperate to record every single shot in text to immortalise it forever.

But I can’t, mainly because I am not as bothered as everyone else or as I feel I probably should be.

As Europe go after revenge after defeat on American soil two years ago and the USA go after a first win on European soil since 1993, I find myself more excited about the Race to Dubai finals on the European Tour and wish the furore of the Ryder Cup would just dissipate.

Harsh I know and believe me I feel like a traitor to the sport I love, but to me, golf is an individual sport and I find it hard to suddenly witness the change from stone cold individual predator’s to best mates on the course a matter of days later.

It is not just the Ryder Cup, the EurAsia Cup, the Solheim Cup, and the Presidents Cup are all tournaments that I struggle to get excited for.

It is not just I golf that I find this type of event underwhelming.

Tennis is another prime example of individuals battling around the world for sporting supremacy but yet put aside all those differences and competitive edges to compete together at the Davis Cup.

Now, I get the roar of the Ryder Cup crowd is a marvel and impossible to have your hairs on the back of your neck stand up, but when it comes to sporting prowess and sporting combat, give me the Masters any day.



I have been producing content for the sports industry for many years now and love nothing more than the competitive nature of any game. An avid football, F1, and golf fan, when I am not giving my opinions on sport, I will most likely be trying to chip out of a bunker.

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