Unleash Your Inner Spartan

Spartan Race UK

Spartan Race UK


Yep, we have all heard the famous line from the movie 300 re-telling the story of Leonidas battle of Thermopylae against the Persian Empire led by Xerxes (I won’t spoil the ending for those of you who haven’t seen it).

 Anyway, thanks to Spartan Race UK you have the chance to test yourself over a 5-kilometer assault course – fortunately you don’t have to fight a Persian hoard to the death – in a fun filled event in which you can team up or tackle alone.

When you take part in a Spartan race, you become part of a community both physically and online as the action does not end at the finish line.

There is daily advice, podcasts, a shop, media centre, you name it Spartan is not just a fun-run, it is a community and a belonging all wrapped in a physical test anyone can take part in and have fun doing it.

Spartan Race UK

There are three main race types to choose from:

Sprint – 5km – 20 obstacles

Never done an obstacle race before? Then this is the perfect place to get started and have a barrel of laughs doing so.

Super – 13km – 25 obstacles

A physical and mental test with 25 obstacles for those seeking a tougher challenge with 25 jam-packed obstacles.

Beast – 21km – 30

You have to activate BEAST MODE to take on this monstrous course. A serious physical and mental test not to be taken too lightly but one hell of an achievement once you cross the finish line.

There are also a number of endurance races ranging from a 50km race to a 12-hour one but just writing about that has left me needing a lie down.

However, another string to the bow is the addition of Spartan kids featuring a 1.5km course with plenty of fun obstacles involving jumping, throwing and general rolling about.

All sounds pretty good, right?

Each year there are a number of Spartan Race events across the UK so hit the banner below to find your local event and unleash your inner Spartan!

Spartan Race UK


I have been producing content for the sports industry for many years now and love nothing more than the competitive nature of any game. An avid football, F1, and golf fan, when I am not giving my opinions on sport, I will most likely be trying to chip out of a bunker.

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