Why Are Spurs Trying so Hard to Become a Laughing Stock?

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By @IanWaterhouse1

For a number of years now, Mauricio Pochettino has been working miracles in the Premier League.

First at Southampton and now more recently turning Tottenham Hotspur into genuine third place contenders every season.

However, one thing that has eluded the talented Argentine is a trophy.

Undoubtedly, he deserves one for all his efforts but no matter what he tries with Spurs, they just can’t seem to get over the line.

Losing out to Arsenal for the runners-up spot to Leicester in 2016 is a case in point, a golden opportunity to make last seasons FA Cup final when playing a below-par Manchester United in the Semi-finals another.

Until he wins something, and something big, the ‘project’ will be just that and never the finished article.

Even this season Pochettino has dismissed his side’s chances of being competitors in any competition.

What even the League Cup? Because beggars can’t be choosers Poch.

Tottenham are not having their best period having suffered three-straight defeats against opponents they should have beaten and Pochettino is hardly helping the matter.

His outburst at the media prior to and after the Inter game clearly showed a man upset with something much deeper.

Journalists put two and two together and have come with no board support in the summer in the form of new signings and the revelation that he turned down the chance to become the new Real Madrid manager prior to the World Cup, it seems regret is creeping on the Argentine.

Clearly, Poch feels that loyalty deserved something and his rant at the media was more under pressure Mourinho than cool calm Pochettino we have come to expect.

Back off blaming the media Spurs

Calling the media ‘disrespectful’ to the players who played on Tuesday night is quite frankly a farce.

The media has every right to question Pochettino’s decisions and like it or not but leaving arguably our two best players at home at the beginning of the season for a Champions League game seemed a little off.

But of course, the first response when a manager is feeling the heat is to blame the media, it is the default reaction by a man in Poch’s shoes.

Perhaps we should all stop reporting on Spurs and just laugh at them at the end of another trophyless season and ignore the fact that they’ll probably still be playing in Milton Keynes because of their own incompetence to get anything done.

Let’s all laugh at Tottenham!

Too late, we already are.

(Before anyone complains, I am Leeds fan, not Arsenal)



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