REVEALED: Image from Inside the EFL Monthly Meeting



The EFL has gathered for its monthly board meeting to discuss many matters such as Coventry City’s ownership issues, referees (probably) and of course the most important item on the agenda, the four-weekly ‘We Hate Leeds United’ campaign.

For a long time now, it has been clear that no one in the EFL hierarchy has been to fond of the Yorkshire club and it seems that current boss Marcelo Bielsa has given them a sniff of ammo that they refuse to give up on.

A month ago, a Leeds United representative was caught watching the training session of Derby County although he was on public ground and by the laws of the land and the game of football actually doing nothing wrong.

Admittedly, it hardly within the ethics of the game and rightly frowned upon, but critically not illegal.

However, that is not enough for the EFL as it seems rather than giving Bielsa a rap on the knuckles, they seem keen to dish out a severe punishment instead.

After releasing a statement saying they were looking into the matter further and gaining evidence, it becomes obvious the EFL is desperate to inflict punishment on Leeds in any desperate attempt to derail the clubs push for promotion.

How this is still rumbling on when no law was broken after a month is nothing short of ludicrous and standard of the poor practice of the EFL.

After all, this is an organisation that allowed Tyrone Mings to mutilate another professional and get away with it which just goes to show where the priorities of the EFL lies.

We were fortunate enough to get an inside photos from the EFL’s board meeting, so you can get a real look at what went on and how the EFL looks after its members.

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Live scenes of the February 2019 EFL monthly meeting

(Note the image is purely tongue in cheek although the above opinions are our true thoughts as we have no idea what actually goes on, but it doesn’t seem like a lot).



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