Pochettino a Genius? Bit Much isn’t it?

Pochettino a genius


On one or two media outlets (who shall remain nameless) I have heard the word genius banded around about Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino and his feat of guiding Spurs into the last sixteen of the Champions League.


Not quite.

Although Tottenham drawing in Barcelona to reach the latter stages of the tournament after picking up just one point from their opening three games is a commendable feat, however, the fact that they were even in that position at all begs the question why didn’t they bother turning up in the first place?

After all, Spurs headed to the Nou Camp in the belief that only a win would do as they were locked on seven points with Inter Milan who were at home to PSV and looked certain to beat the rock bottom Dutch side.

However, as it transpired, Inter failed to defeat PSV on home soil and Tottenham failed to beat Barcelona with both matches ending 1-1 meaning the Lilywhites scraped through.

It was NOT Mauricio’s Pochettino’s genius that gained Tottenham progression but rather Inter’s own failure to beat a team they should have dominated.

After all, who was saying Pochettino is a genius when Spurs were 1-0 up against Inter Milan in the 84th minute only to lose the game 2-1?

Or when Barcelona absolutely tore them a new one at Wembley? Or how about when Arsenal put 4 past them this very month? OR how about whenthey blew second place to the Gunners in the 2015/16 season?

I could go on, but I know your bored (unless you’re an Arsenal fan).

Don’t get me wrong, Mauricio Pochettino is a great manager and has undoubtedly lifted Tottenham to the next level, but you have to start winning things as well.

In 50 years, no one is going to care that Tottenham ‘qualified for the Champions League a number of times in a row’ however, silverware lasts for eternity and can never be taken away.

Let’s make one thing clear.

Ayrton Senna was a genius, so was Mozart, Albert Einstein and Shakespeare.

Does Mauricio Pochettino deserve to be in such illustrious company because he lucky Inter couldn’t beat PSV?

Er……. No.

I support neither Tottenham or Arsenal (or any London club, I support Leeds in fact, so I am a threat to no one) so I am completely neutral, but I do think it would be a horrific shame of this wonderful squad never wins a trophy.

Time is ticking, and Real Madrid may well come calling and if that happens there is no way Pochettino can say no twice.

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AP Photo/Alastair Grant



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