No One Likes Hamilton? So What!

Mexican GP Lewis Hamilton


So, after clinching a fifth World title in Mexico, Hamilton heads to Brazil with an army of people who still claim to not be a fan of Great Britain’s most successful Formula One driver of all time.

It says something when a Scotsman has to jump to the defence of an Englishman but that is exactly what happened when David Coulthard made it quite clear that in Britain, Hamilton should be celebrated much more for his epic achievements.

However, it seems no matter what the 33-year-old five-time champion does, he just does not cut the mustard with many and that is a great shame because we are witnessing history and arguably one of the greatest sportsmen this little island has ever produced.

Perhaps Hamilton’s celebrity lifestyle makes him an easy target.

He is certainly not shy of living life in the social media spectrum regularly posting on Instagram and is certainly not afraid to date the odd A-list superstar.

And therein lie the problem.

When you open yourself up to mass media and openly embrace it, people will hate you and quite often for no reason whatsoever other than jealousy.

After all, what is there not to love?

We laud other sports stars for their desire and passion to win but when it is one of our own we frown upon it.

If you make it to Formula One you deserve a level of self-confidence but then if you are a serial winner, you deserve even more leeway in the form of self-belief (and you should be allowed to show it).

Tax issues and moving overseas to avoid ridiculous tax rates in the UK is another excuse some people land at Hamilton’s door for disliking him but guess what……..

Mister nice guy Jenson Button and David Coulthard did it too and no one mentions that!!!

For the first time ever in anyone’s lifetime, we have a Formula One sports star who has taken the global sport and dominated it whilst proudly wearing the Union Jack on his back.

It’s time to start showing the love to Hamilton otherwise he would be justified in turning his back on the UK.

We have no idea whether we will ever see this again so its time to show some love.



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