Missing: Chelsea’s Captain

Chelsea captain


The embarrassing scenes at Wembley on Sunday in which Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga refused to leave the pitch despite manager Maurizio Sarri making it clear he wants the Spaniard off the pitch has been well documented.

Do we really need another voice adding into the mix?

Well, this is a little different and here’s why.

In the aftermath many people have been quick to criticise Sarri (yes he half-baked excuse in front of the media that it was a misunderstanding was nothing short of an embarrassment), the referee, Zola, and of course Kepa (again rightly so as his petulance may well have cost them the game and most likely Sarri’s job) but no one seems to be questioning Chelsea’s captain on the day César Azpilicueta.

Now, my understanding is that the captain is the leader on the pitch, the managers voice in the thick of the action capable of making decisions for the whole team.

However, when all this debacle was going on, what was Chelsea captain Azpilicueta doing? Picking his nose?

Even Sideshow Bob had a go at convincing Kepa to stop being a spoilt little brat, but Chelsea’s captain was nowhere to be seen.

When you are handed the armband, things are expected of you and although I admit this was not Azpilicueta’s fault, as the leader of the team he should have been in Kepa’s face demanding he show his manager and his team mates the respect they all deserve.

One can hardly imaging Roy Keane, Patrick Vieira or even John Terry standing idly by whilst their team is on the brink of imploding.

Yes, Kepa deserves criticism, yes Sarri should have been stronger and yes Zola is invisible but Azpilicueta proved that he is no leader and is certainly no captain.

Oh how they could have done with Terry back on the pitch just for five minutes.

No wonder Chelsea are a mess this season.



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