Max Verstappen: Passionate? Or Anger Management?

Angry Max Verstappen


No one can deny that Red Bull driver Max Verstappen is a remarkable talent and supremely welcome breath of fresh air into the corporate world of F1.

To be 21-years-old and be a Formula One driver is a remarkable feat, let alone a five-time race winner and few can argue that Verstappen is a champion only in waiting.

However, there has been a worrying trend late on in the season that Max has quickly gone from being a golden boy to a bit of a stroppy teenager and it really is not endearing.

Now, before people kick off, I am not referring to the incident with Esteban Ocon at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

There is an argument that both drivers were in the right and wrong, but Verstappen was the race leader and lost the win because of a stupid incident that should never have happened.

Verstappen was clearly pissed, and his reaction was fair enough as race wins are not given to you.

Mexican GP

That aside, the noticeable stroppiness began at the Mexican Grand Prix where Daniel Ricciardo snatched pole by just 0.026s.

Verstappen was so close to his first ever pole position but was apparently furious when Dani Ric napped it and his father Jos Verstappen reportedly had to calm him down.

Former F1 star Jos Verstappen claimed his son was ‘annoyed’ and ‘irritated’ with Ricciardo’s celebration after securing pole.


Why on earth cannot the Aussie celebrate pole however he wants? Verstappen certainly would have.

It was a real sign of the petulance of youth from Verstappen and a little two-faced but at 21 you can pass it off as a learning curve and just passion.

Abu Dhabi

However, it seems Verstappen’s attitude is causing a problem within his team and the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was proof that a certain level of arrogance is starting to piss his team off.

Lap 50 of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and Max comes on telling his race engineer to ‘listen, listen’ was met with the rather irritated response of ‘Engine breaking will help with that, and you don’t need to tell me to listen, mate’.

That was the response of a team member pushed a little close to the edge by no doubt constant barracking from his young charger.

Despite his tender age, Verstappen is no rookie but now he has a genuine car that can challenge, frustration and petulance is coming through far too quickly.

Daniel Ricciardo is proof that you do not have to be petulant in order to win races and it is something Max needs to work on for next season otherwise his team will quickly find working with him a chore.

Formula One is a team sport and Max needs to understand that quickly and act as a team player because if not, Red Bull may be better off dumping him.

Attitude is everything and Max’s has stunk over the last few races but that is not to say it will be that way forever.

It’s time to take the winter to grow up and take the fight to Mercedes and show the world that you are one of the best not just on the track, but off it too.

If not, a trip to anger management may be in store!



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