Is Pogba the Biggest Waste of Money EVER?

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So, what could you get for £89.3 million?

Well, you could get four and a half Learjet 85’s.

How about 27 Lamborghini Venenos? Or Castle Howard in Yorkshire along with Alnwick Castle in Northumberland?

Or Paul Pogba.

It’s a no-brainer really especially as the Yorkshire countryside is beautiful this time of year.

However, when United paid the best part of £90 million plus bonuses on a player they let go in the first place, the belief was it was a statement signing that would propel the Red Devils back to the big time.

That was in August 2016 and despite some success, everyone in the red half of Manchester is still waiting for the man who dominated Italy with Juventus to repeat that form on his homecoming to United.

The EFL Cup and the Europa League followed in Pogba’s first season back, but he far too often went missing despite showing the odd glimpse of his World beating capabilities.

Since then, fleeting glimpses are all we are seeing in a United shirt made even more infuriating for Manchester United fans by the fact that the 25-year-old played a starring role for France in their 2018 triumph.

However, now it appears everything has hit rock bottom, earlier in the season United manager Jose Mourinho stripped Pogba of the vice-captaincy and over the weekend reportedly (but unconfirmed) said Pogba was a virus in the United team.

Whoever’s fault it is, the relationship between Mourinho and Pogba appears to be unsolvable and from the outside, it looks as if Pogba must shoulder much of the blame.

Paul Pogab opinionated sports
Mourinho & Pogba are not the best of friends (AP Photo/Rui Vieira)

At £89.3 million and hefty wages, you are expected to perform and whether you get on with the manager or not, you should show your ability for all the world to see.

We far too often hear about Pogba’s poor attitude and £90 million has looked like a complete waste of money for a player who is proving that he just cannot cut it on a regular basis.

Pogba has talent, no one can deny that, but much like Mesut Ozil at Arsenal, we do not see enough of it and at this level, it is simply unacceptable and inexcusable

United have every right to feel a little cheated but then again perhaps it is their fault for agreeing to pay such astronomical wages and fees to a player who does not deserve it.

If Pogba goes, it is unlikely United will recoup all of the money they spent on him but perhaps it is time to get rid of him and invest in someone who actually wants to be there.



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