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I could drive better than that!

Ever said that whilst watching motorsport?

We certainly have here at Opinionated Sports but since then we have found out first hand that it is bloody hard behind the wheel of a race car after taking to the track at the media day of the 2019 enduroKA series hosted by Motorsport Vision Track Day.

Thinking about each corner, taking into consideration other cars around you and most of all thinking about grip and not stacking it all at the same time and suddenly you have renewed respect for Lewis Hamilton and the boys.

But if you still think it is easy then why not give it a go?

Well now you can, our good friends at Moores Motorsport are selling their Ford Puma 1.7L race-ready track car and at £2850 it is the perfect car to get started on track.

ford puma opinionated sports

Check out the video of it here.

The car is a beast and looks lush with its yellow and black livery but for those who want to get bogged down in the details, here’s you will get: –

  • 108 HP
  • Weight 920KG
  • 6-point roll cage custom made by Tylah Motorsport
  • OMP Racing Seat
  • Quick release steering wheel
  • Suspension AP Coil-overs
  • 300 mills front brake set up

(Read the full article on this car HERE)

The car is perfect as a track day car but for the red-blooded racers in you, the car is eligible for a number of racing series such as: –

  • MSVT Track day Trophy
  • MSVT Track day Championship
  • Ford Saloons
  • 750 motorclub club endurance six hours
  • 750 motorclub hot hatch
  • South East Tin Tops

So, are you ready to replicate your motorsport heroes and show everyone how it is done?

motoracing ford puma opinionated sports

Drop us an email at if you want to more about this car with us at Opinionated Sports or simply fill out the contact form below.

Happy racing!



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