Ferrari: Are You Tottenham in Disguise?

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By @IanWaterhouse1

Watching the Singapore Grand Prix on Sunday afternoon I couldn’t help but think I had seen Ferrari’s constant cock-ups performed by another team in another sport.

And then it clicked.

Tottenham Hotspur.

The likeness in my head became so uncanny I literally had to put it down in print.

And here’s why.

It is almost conceivable to think that these giants of their respective sports have remained trophyless since 2008.

Tottenham won the League Cup in February 2008 defeating Chelsea in the Final whereas Ferrari won the Formula One constructor title that year (but not the driver’s title) by beating McLaren Mercedes by 21 points.

But since then, nothing.


In the early 2000’s Ferrari were untouchable with the mercurial Michael Schumacher spearheading the team with six straight constructor titles from 1999 to 2004 and five drivers’ titles between 2000 – 2004 proving Ferrari were the undisputed kings.

Ferrari 2001 Opinionatedsports

(Ferrari in 2001)

Aside from Kimi Raikkonen’s title in 2007 and then the Constructors title a year later, the last decade has seen Ferrari fall behind first Red Bull and then Mercedes.


Throughout the 1960’s and 70’s Tottenham laid a claim to being England’s number one side winning the league title in 1961, three FA Cups, Two League Cups, the UEFA Cup Winners Cup, the UEFA Cup, and three Charity shields.

However, perhaps the biggest disappointment is that for a club the size of Tottenham, only one trophy has been won this millennium in the 2008 League Cup.

The Here and Now

Right now, in 2018, both Ferrari and Tottenham are deemed on the up and arguably stronger than they have been for decades (if not ever).

However, the pair is making a great fist of cocking up when it matters most.

During the 2015/16 season, Tottenham had their best chance of winning their first ever Premier League title as they chased down eventual winners Leicester City.

But in true Tottenham fashion, an implosion ensured they finished eleven points behind the Foxes and even allowed their biggest rivals Arsenal to pip them to second.

This season, Tottenham’s new stadium debacle rumbles on with no apparent move in date even though it should have already happened.

They were also the only club in the Premier League not to sign a player in the transfer window and back to back defeats has seriously hampered the sides progress despite harbouring a raft of undeniable quality.

Much like Ferrari this season.

It is hard to argue against the SF71H being the quickest car on the grid yet the Maranello based squad find themselves being well and truly thumped in the Drivers Championship by Mercedes Lewis Hamilton who leads Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel by 40-points after another error-strewn race for the Scuderia.

Back to back Grand Prix’s in Monza and Singapore has cost Ferrari dear when it looked like they were on top and constant internal implosions this season are handing their rivals the reins.

Just what is going on at Tottenham and Ferrari? And are they inter-linked somehow because the undeniable consistent balls-up by both is quite frankly becoming a little embarrassing.

Sort it out guys.



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