Why Championship Clubs Should Boycott the League Cup

League Cup


By @IanWaterhouse

To my surprise, Thursday evening saw the draw for the second round of the League Cup (sorry, Carabao Cup).

As a Leeds United fan, one glance at the draw showed a home tie against Preston North End, zzzzzzzzzzz.

Now, no disrespect here to Preston, in fact quite the opposite, you see being drawn against a solid Championship club is the worst possible scenario as it is hard enough going through 46 gruelling Championship games without having to meet them again in a competition you have no chance of winning.

I have no doubt the Lilywhites were hardly thrilled at being drawn against Leeds either and the truth is, the game is one both could do without.

You see, as a Championship club, being drawn against a Premier League club is not such a plum tie as for a league One of Two side.

However, being drawn against a League One or Two team should make you favourites but the gap is not so big as people think especially when the fringe players all start rendering the competition a waste of time for second tier teams.

Unlike the FA Cup which pits non-league teams into the fray and can mean the financial life of a club, the EFL Cup just includes the 92 teams in the football pyramid but the rewards for taking part are so small.

In the 2016/17 version, teams who won their first-round match earned just £5000. The winner’s prize pot was a poultry £100,000 and all for what?

Perhaps I am being a little harsh, for Premier League clubs it is a great way to get the fringe players playing some competitive football and a realistic chance of a winning trophy.

For League One and Two sides it is a chance to pit themselves against better opponents and make a decent wedge from gate receipts but for Championship sides it does none of these things.

The League Cup is a hassle for second tier clubs they could do without, especially considering the prize of winning promotion into the Premier League is financially more rewarding than winning the Champions League.

I never want to see my team lose, but when we beat Bolton on Tuesday night to reach the second round, part of me groaned and though oh great, another useless fixture to play.

I can’t be the only one?

Surely, it’s time for Championship clubs to do away with the League Cup or just throw in the youth team for some experience.

Harsh I know, but true.



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