The Arrogance of Germany Leaves the World Quaking

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Those pesky Germans eh!

As if nicking our sunloungers and winning four World Cups wasn’t enough (including last time out), now they think the tournament is so easy they will leave one of their best players at home.

Manchester City winger Leroy Sane is, of course, the man I am talking about.

After the season of his life winning the English Premier League, League Cup, and PFA player of the year award, the 22-year-old was gearing himself up to maybe add the World Cup to his roster only for Germany head coach Joachim Löw to dump him from the squad.

I mean, what do you have to do to get into a team these days?

However, it appears that according to legendary German midfielder Michael Ballack, his omission cannot be for footballing reasons.

However, that may not be the case as Sane has struggled to perform for the national side when called upon but even so, it is one well of a risk to leave a player on his form out.

However, what is a concern for the rest of the world is the confidence Joachim Löw has shown by snubbing the Manchester City man in the unshakable belief that his side will retain their World Cup title.

It is that kind of arrogance and self-belief that has made Germany such winners in tournament football and the cream of Europe on the World stage.

Italy may try to argue the point and England will say they invented the game, but the truth is there is no way the Three Lions would ever leave a player with the class of Sane out of a squad set to face the worlds best.

The rest of the world had better watch out because Germany head to Russia with only one goal in mind, the back of it and multiple times.

Whoever they face and when Germany has already scored a psychological point with their unwavering ability to be so damn consistently good it almost doesn’t matter who is in the starting line up.

Why can’t England do that?

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